Mishamai Japanese Chins

Welcome to my wonderful world of Chins!

This is my Rocky, he wnet to his new home a year ago, she writes He is a little bundle of joy! He is doing great a whole 6 pounds now. He is also a little singer he loves to lay down and just sing or bark for a few minutes then after that he goes about his day, He is great with other dogs. He still hasn't worked out that he cannot play with my Chichillas' the same was as his other dog friends. He is a wonderful little guy and I love him very much! I am very glad to have found you and that I was lucky enough to get one of your babies.

Wishing you every happiness,

This Butter in her new home, her new owner has a house full of kids for Butter to love but she loves Butter the best,

Such a brat... She stole my spot. She's lucky I love her so much!

 My new baby sleeping in her bed from MeMe! She wants to be next to me, so I put it by the couch where I'm sitting. I love her SO much already

Mia is now 6lbs but she has so much fur she looks much bigger.  She has already gone through her first early heat so in the next few weeks she will be going to the vet for surgery.  Mia is the most playful and outgoing puppy we laugh every day at the goofy things she does.  Like sleeping in the plate.  Thank you again for raising such wonderful dogs and promoting the best in the breed.

Mias mom,  Barbara


Him and his sister are attached at the hip. They do EVERYTHING together and play for HOURS at a time. I LOVE HIM! He is much more vocal than Marilyn has ever been- and he is a ham! They keep us laughing for hours! He sleeps in my arms every night, and Marilyn on my head lol...its a fantastic feeling...Ive attached some pics for you!


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Subject: Re: Velvet

Hey there! Haven't talked to you in a quite a while! Wanted to LYK that
Velvet is doing great! I even have her trained to stay in our yard! So
when the family is outside, she comes with us (as opposed to being in her
kennel or gated on the porch). She loves rolling around in the grass! And
if someone pulls in the driveway, she hops in their car as soon as they open
the door...LOL! She's definitely a Momma's girl though. She follows me
around the house almost all day long. If I sit, she's on my lap!

Here's a pic of her with my daughter. (I took the pic and Velvet kept
trying to run to me instead of sitting with Kierstyn. LOL) Happy Mother's



Max's new owner gave me permission to relay what she had to say about Max.

"Max" had his first leash lesson today....not too happy about it. He is doing just fine and has lots of energy. He goes to the vet wednesday as we had problems getting him in any earlier. I will keep you posted on his comings and goings. thanks
"Max" had his physicial today and everyone at the office had a fit over him. He checked out to be very healthy and with a strong heart.  At the vet, the staff passed the baby all around to each other and gave out lots of "ooohs' and "ahhhs". He was about the cutest thing anyone had seen in a long time. Even the other customers made comments. He was so good during the exam. The doc said that he had been given really good care.

Here are a couple adorable pics of the little cuties! Little Elle is doing VERY well, and she loves my husband! Sicsee has really warmed up to Elle, and they have been playing non-stop. I can't believe how smart Elle is....she has had no problems with the potty pads, and she didn't even have to be taught how to go up and down the stairs. She has been sleeping in the bed with us at night, though Sicsee is still uncomfortable around my husband, so she sleeps under the bed! They are very precious little girls and seem very happy! Hope you can use one of these pics for your reference page! Have a wonderful evening!

Hi Nancy,
I just wanted to let you know that Phoebe is doing great.  She is enjoying her first autumn in New York.  The leaves are just starting to change color and fall.  Phoebe loves to run through them and usually smells each leaf!  I can't believe she is going to be one year old in just a month!  She is still teeny tiny and people can't believe how beautiful she is--every day people tell me they have never seen such a cute dog.  Phoebe is very happy and loves meeting new people and dogs, going for walks, and chewing her many toys.  I hope you got the photos I mailed to you.  I will send you more in the future by e-mail. 
Thank you again for your precious tiny girl!

Hey Nancy

can you believe it has been four months.
Charlie has grown a bit and has lost most of his puppy fur....
now if only he could loose those puppy teeth. Ouch!
he is doing great every one loves him when they meet him.
i love him the most though.
he is still very silly and very smart.
he makes grawlly time noises that we call him our little ewok or wookie (from star wars)
i also call him my little valasaraptor because he analyzes everything ex: fow to open doors and gates. when he wants something he is quick to figure out how he can get it.
when i tell him no about getting in the trash for example he looks at the trash can and begins to "talk" about it.

well i guess thats all for now
thanks for my son


Things are going pretty well.  He is adjusting to his new surroundings and trying to play with our Golden.  But, when she barks, it scares him. He is a sweetie and stays pretty much on my lap or right near me all the time.  He has pottied outside since he's been here.  Not one mistake!  He is slow on eating, but is getting there.  My daughter says that she wants him!  But...he is definitely my baby already.  Hides behind me when he is afraid of something.  Loves to be brushed!  Has not barked yet! Kinda growls under his breath at Buffy (our Golden)!  Cute as he can be!  He tried to stick his entire head in my coffee cup this morning!  He sleeps with me and sleeps well all night long.  He snores just like me!  lol !  Thanks so very much!  I love him!  And, I think he loves me!

Nancy has been a member of our kennel club for many years. As a member, she must abide by the attached code of ethics. Nancy is involved in showing her dogs and improving her breed. She also loves her dogs. I would feel very comfortable purchasing a dog from her.
This is a general comment that I always tell people when they inquire about purchasing a breed. It is very important that you educate yourself prior to purchasing. This is your best insurance that you will be satisfied with your breeder and your dog. You can do this by going to the website of the national club for the breed. The website will have information on any genetic defects specific to a breed and what type of testing is needing prior to breeding dogs. The breed club usually has a code of ethics for their members. It may even have a list of questions you should ask the breeder. Also, if this is your first time to have a Japanese Chin, the website will tell you a great deal about what your life will be like with a Japanese Chin as part of your family.
I wish you much happinese with your new dog, and thank you for contacting the Longview Kennel Club.
Celia Robinson, President
Longview Kennel Club
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Subject: Question on breeder

I'm considering on purchasing a Japanese Chin from Nancy Mellot. Do you have any information on her? Is she a reputable breeder?