My Chins My Chins naptime 5375389 pretty Butter 5375372 Benjira Isn't she lovely 5375373 Ch j_jim's Timeless Reflection X Carrarays Touch of Rita 5375390 This is little Brody Jr! May call him Piper I let Dale Martinson buy this boy he went BOS at the Houston Match. 5375391 Mystery 5375392 Phoebe Off to live with Lynda , Phoebe weighs all of 3 lbs at 8 mo old. 5375393 Ciscoe 5375394 Beautiful Brody He is just beautiful!!! 9587858 Brody moving like a dream! 9587867 Baby Mystry is also so beautiful!!! 9587859 Coming and going! 9587868 Her FAce looks a lot like her dad! And Her Grampa Ch Touche Truth or Dare! 9587869 Ch J-Jim's True Hart Felcrest Thank you Jackie for letting him come to live with me!!! 9587860 Icart's Champoin Photo 9587881 Icart's Baby Daughter! 9587882 She has so much cush!!!! 9587870