Mishamai Japanese Chins

Welcome to my wonderful world of Chins!

About Me

 I fell in love with chins in the fall of 1982,watching Gilbert Khan show 2 little black and white girls!!!! I have owned and shown chins for more than 25 years. My babies are raised in my home, not in a kennel. I am a member of Japanese Chin Club of America, Longview Kennel Club, Caddo Kennel Club of Texas and Japanese Chin Club of Greater Houston Area. I have made many friends thru the years of showing and breeding dogs, I have been president, secretary, show chairman, newsletter editor, have built websites for others. If I can help you in any way please feel free to contact me.

Chins have been my passion for many years, but I have not raised them in large numbers yet I am proud to have owned and bred ROM dogs, proud to see my dogs do well with others.


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I am very Proud to have bred the no 1 ALL Breed Japanese Chin Bitch for 2011 and the no 6 Japanese Chin All Breed Japanese Chin,

Ch Touche Heady's Black Orchid owned and shown by Denise Heady! Owner handler perfection!!!

Health of the Chin

So many times when I get phone calls from chin owners especially chin owners that have adopted from rescue, they start off the conversation with how long does your line of Chins live?  Unfortunately they like us are doomed from birth life comes to and end for us all. 30 years ago when I first got a chin their life expectancy was only 8-10 years and my early chins did not live much past 8 yrs, now with advancing in testing and new meds chin often live to be 12 and sometimes older, I choose for quality of life and do not heavily medicate an old dog, they are not human and cannot say I do not mind feeling sick all the time?  I choose to do what is best in my mind for the dog and they maybe to put it down, Health testing has become a national past time but does it really prevent anything? We can choose to breed only the healthy dogs and hope that they will produce only healthy dogs but I also have seen new problems crop up, It is impossible to limit to much of the gene pool in a dog that is still not in large numbers. Placing blame on breeders is silly right now as testing for these things has only been readily available for the last 10 years and even they have improved steadily so each day dawns with new and better things. But then what happens to the sick ones do we put them to sleep? We cannot place them? If a rescue pup comes in with a multitude of illness they raise money and keep alive dogs that in my opinion would be better off put to sleep?  So we as breeders do what we can to make sure that a healthy puppy leaves us but we do not always know for sure things crop up sometimes 2-3 years down the road, by then the new owner has loved this dog for awhile and there is no way to say what is right in this area, put the dog down and send you a new one? Payment of money is not the right idea as I would not want to pay to keep a dog I would put to sleep down? Especially when I am not the one in charge of choosing what is being done. I sold a young puppy before it was ready to go one that I new would be very small, well when I took her in she had several health problems, so I called her new owner who had not yet seen her and said I am sending your money back she will need to stay here, she is not perfect. She said no, If I had adopted a baby it would be mine even if it was ill so I want her anyway. She had to wait longer and had to make a 12 hour drive to get her, but she loves her anyway and has accepted her extra medical bills, she weighs 2 lbs 1 oz. Her life will probably not be a long one but a well loved one, I am so glad for her. But this owner is very rare. But I mention this case to also cover the little tiny one issue, yes chins do come in all sizes but the smaller they get the more likely they will have issues. Some breeders will sell you these tiny ones without letting you know what you are in for. I woulkd think that most chins under 4 lbs have a shorter life expectancy, if not hidden health issues. I still think buying from a reputable breeder is the best option you have. My babies are seen by the vet so that I am made aware of any problems that there early on.

Coming to Visit and see my dogs.

I have decided to touch on the subject of visiting my home, I recently had someone call me and never give me the chance to explain she wanted to come to my house, period end of story, well I have had people try to steal my dogs and since they live in my home not a kennel then I feel this inspection a bit intrusive for people who are just looking, If you really want one of my dogs you will go thru the process and then you may come to my house, My Home is for the security and comfort of my animals, and non doggy people may not understand, in today's world there are those that scream animal hoarder? Back Yard Breeder? What are these terms and how do you define them? Unfortunately our PETA groups have some pretty tuff definations that would cover most dog show people, so am I afraid that you will not approve of the fact that I choose to live with dogs? Yes I am. If I do not know you then, no you may not come to my home. Take the time to know me on a personal basis and allow me to know you then we will get there. I like to see where my pups are going as well, Am I welcome to come to your house? Trust me if I did not take excellent care of my dogs they would not be winning at dog shows! I also do not allow vistors when I have young babies, I do not want to expose them to any illness before they are old enough to have all their shots.